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A living benefit adds a layer of protection to life insurance policies, providing invaluable support in difficult times. Getting a portion of your death benefit while you're alive is possible with living benefits if you have a critical illness, chronic illness, or terminal illness. If you or a loved one had a health crisis, living benefits would provide a financial lifeline. By having living benefits, you can focus on your recovery and well-being without worrying about finances. It's like a safety net that ensures your family's financial security during difficult times.

Living Benefits is your guardian angel.

Your family deserves it!

A living benefit is like a superhero for your family. It's a special power that protects your family's finances if something goes wrong. If someone gets very sick, living benefits can help pay for their medical treatment. Your family gets what they need in tough times, so you feel safe and secure knowing you have a guardian angel taking care of them.

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Flexible Benefits

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) For Families

IUL is a powerful, versatile, and flexible financial tool you can use for a variety of life events. You can use the funds accumulated in an IUL policy to buy your first house, make investments, plan for retirement, or act as your personal bank. Cash value growth can enable you to make a down payment on your dream home, invest in opportunities that align with your financial goals, secure a comfortable retirement, or borrow funds for personal use.

Powerful, Flexible and Permanent Protection.

Your family deserves it!

The best gift you can give your child is an Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Policy. If you start it early, your child's cash value can grow and compound over time. Your child will have a better financial foundation as they grow up if they have more wealth accumulation potential. IUL is also a cost-effective solution since younger people generally qualify for better rates, so starting early lets you get lower premiums. You can lay the groundwork now for your kid's financial success and equip them with the tools they need to get through life's milestones.

Comprehensive Living Benefits

Flexible Life Account


Growth Protection

Lifetime Income with Annuities

An annuity is a financial product that allows you to deposit money with an insurance company. The insurance company will then provide a series of payments back to you at regular intervals. You can use the annuity to supplement your retirement income from Social Security, pension benefits, investments, and other sources. An annuity is a financial product that allows you to deposit money with an insurance company.

Lifetime Income for you and your family.

Your family deserves it!

The insurance company will then provide a series of payments back to you at regular intervals. You can use the annuity to supplement your retirement income from Social Security, pension benefits, investments, and other sources.

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Lifetime Income

Living Benefits &

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need To Buy Life Insurance For My Young Child?

What is more important to you, your child or your car? Both are insured. Why not something that is as important as your children? Buying life insurance for a child forces us to think about the unthinkable. A child's policy isn't just about protecting them in case the unthinkable happens; it's also about ensuring their financial future as well. Children are usually insurable without undergoing medical underwriting - the parents answer a few medical questions. If the policy remains in force, the child will always be insured. When a child reaches certain life milestones, most insurance policies offer optional riders so they can increase insurance coverage.

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Can I Use My Life Insurance Policy Cash Value To Help With Buying a Home?

You can get the policy cash value by withdrawing it or borrowing it from the insurance company using the policy as collateral. If you take a withdrawal, your policy value will get reduced right away. If you take out a loan, you can increase your policy values, depending on the type. You don't have to repay the loan, or the interest on it, during your lifetime. If you don't do it, any outstanding loan balance will reduce the amount of death benefit payable to your beneficiary. Find out more from one of our licensed professionals.

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Why Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Life insurance has many reasons for being critical. Ensuring your family's financial security and peace of mind is essential. If anyone is dependent on your income, they would most likely suffer if you passed away. That's why life insurance is so important to have. There are different life insurance policies, but they all pay cash to your loved ones when you die. Daily living expenses, mortgage or rent payments, outstanding loans, college tuition, and other essential costs can be covered by life insurance. If you and your income were to disappear, life insurance can ensure that your family would be taken care of financially. No one knows the future. Ensure the unknown future with policies that give you flexibility and protection for your legacy.

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What Is The Cost Of These Policies?

The biggest factor is age. There's an old saying that life insurance is like fun. The younger you are, the lower the cost. The older you are, the more expensive it is. If you choose an appropriate strategy for a child, it could cost as little as $50 to $200 per month. Set up a 30-minute Zoom and we'll show you some examples. For children and young adults (40 or younger), the costs are very low. ***These are just preliminary estimates***

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I Have a "Free" Life Insurance With My Current Company. Is That Good?

In spite of the appeal of a "Free" life insurance policy with your current employer, you should understand the limitations. This question may not be ideal for evaluating the suitability of a life insurance policy because:

  1. Often, employers offer "Free" life insurance policies that are inadequately covered. You might leave your loved ones financially vulnerable if you pass away due to a minimal death benefit. You may lose coverage if you change jobs or leave the company, leaving you without life insurance protection. Employer-provided life insurance is typically based on your employment. Long-term financial security can be hindered by this lack of portability.

  2. A lack of customization: Employer-sponsored policies tend to be group plans, so they don't offer you customized coverage. Individual life insurance policies don't often come with riders or living benefits that make them more flexible and comprehensive.

  3. Employer-provided life insurance depends on your employment status. The coverage may also be lost if you lose your job or retire, leaving you without protection during critical life events.

    Individual life insurance policies can be tailored to your specific circumstances and provide comprehensive protection and flexibility that meets your evolving needs..

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